The Page Title is a vital page of any SEO campaign but are you keeping an eye on it?

Little Warden monitors the page title and alerts you to any changes.

The page title tags control the first things people see in search results. So make sure they’re good.

Search optimisation often includes making sure Page Titles are attractive, enticing and the right length. It’s what users see as the blue title description in results for a query, so they need to be right and better at getting visitors than any competitors. And if you offer SEO services, you’ll have spent hours making sure they’re as good as possible.

So you don’t want them to be changed or go missing without knowing about it. It can quickly change search rankings via the Click Through Rate, visitor numbers, and ultimately, whether people stick around on a website and buy a product or service. So we monitor your tags to let you know about any changes.

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Aleyda Solis


When it turns out your client's SSL certificate isn't on auto-renew 😱 @littlewardenapp helps us stay on top of these things and more to avoid disasters that could easily be missed 🙌🔥

June 19, 2018

Little Warden is one of those tools that, once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever coped without it. Perfect for agencies handling many accounts.