Removing or changing Google Analytics code means no business data gets collected.

Little Warden makes sure your lose visitor numbers, eCommerce tracking, and other vital information is safe.

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Change or remove your Google Analytics code by mistake and that data is lost forever. Avoid that nightmare with Little Warden.

Google Analytics is an amazingly powerful free tool, which is why it’s so widely used. But while it can do many wonderful things, none of that can happen if the GA tracking code is removed or changed so it doesn’t operate properly. That’s bad enough on your own websites, but clients can find it hard to accept, even if it was down to their own internal developers.

We check the Google Analytics code on your site for any changes, including deletion, so that you know the data is being collected accurately at source. Which saves you time and some potentially awkward conversations.

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Aleyda Solis


Words cannot begin to express my gratitude that @littlewardenapp exists and saves my client sites from major incidents again and again. Worth every damn penny ten times over and then some.

May 19, 2018
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Barry Adams


Realising you can't live without that one tool, @littlewardenapp making everything simple and efficient, and constantly keeping us up to date with whats happening with our client's websites.

May 3, 2018