Sometimes you want to check a specific area of a page for changes

Our Element level monitoring can check based on an XPath or CSS Selector and notify you of any changes

You can also view our video guide on selecting with XPath via our youtube channel.

When checking for page changes these days there are so many dynamic options and widgets that you’d be getting an alert EVERYTIME we scanned the page.

Which is why we’ve introduced element monitoring, this allows you to select elements at block level (using CSS or XPATH) and only get emails about changes that you are interested in.

Once you’ve selected the element you like, we will keep an eye on it and if it changes, we’ll let you know what it said before and what it says now.

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Words cannot begin to express my gratitude that @littlewardenapp exists and saves my client sites from major incidents again and again. Worth every damn penny ten times over and then some.

May 19, 2018

Barry Adams


We're totally in love with @littlewardenapp . It's been revolutionary to our normal due dil checks and ensures we keep our clients sites in tip top shape. Well done guys.

May 2, 2018

Optus Digital


Realising you can't live without that one tool, @littlewardenapp making everything simple and efficient, and constantly keeping us up to date with whats happening with our client's websites.

May 3, 2018