If someone accidentally changed the META Description how quickly would you know?

With Little Warden, you'll know by the next morning

Want to get more visitors from search? Your META descriptions are vital.

A great META description will encourage people to click on your result from a search engine. So it’s an important part of search engine optimisation to create the best possible pitch within 160 characters, and including relevant terms and phrases.

And it’s also why it’s heart breaking if hours and days of work gets changed or deleted without notice by clients. Whether it’s on purpose or by mistake, the Click Through Rate (CTR) and traffic to your site can impact your rankings. And it will certainly make a big difference to whether the site is successful or not. Not many people will check their META descriptions every single day, but Little Warden does!

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Words cannot begin to express my gratitude that @littlewardenapp exists and saves my client sites from major incidents again and again. Worth every damn penny ten times over and then some.

May 19, 2018

Barry Adams


Aleyda Solis


When it turns out your client's SSL certificate isn't on auto-renew 😱 @littlewardenapp helps us stay on top of these things and more to avoid disasters that could easily be missed 🙌🔥

June 19, 2018