Why should I add Little Warden to my Tools Budget?

A small guide written to try and convince you, your manager or budgeting team why Little Warden is an excellent investment.

There are two main reasons why we believe Little Warden should be in every single web company budget.

  • Saving Time and Money with Ongoing Monitoring

  • Avoiding Public & Costly Disasters

Before we get to those, we ask three questions:

If someone on the team accidentally edits the robots.txt and adds "Disallow / " to the root domain, how long will it be before someone checks?

If a client rebrands from oldbrand.com to newbrand.com, is there a process in place to check the redirect still works after 3 months? What about the SSL certificate renewal on the oldbrand.com?

If a client has control of the domain name and moves hosting without telling you, do you have a process for checking that?

If the answer to the above is Yes, then Fantastic! We’d love to work with you to automate those checks to be more proactive and cost effective.

If the answer to the above is No, then from our experience, you are a normal agency or web development company. There are so many things that you have to keep track of and there is a reason that our tagline is “Monitoring the Tedious”.

Saving Time and Money with Ongoing Monitoring

Little Warden has the ability to monitor over 30 different checks every hour, from simple things like domain name expiration and robots.txt changes to more complicated things like geolocation redirects and x-robots indexability.

Of course, each of these can all be checked manually without the use of Little Warden and individually these checks can take only seconds to minutes however the member of staff will still need to take the time to do these checks (and with more than one domain name these tasks can quickly add up), they still need to record the results in a spreadsheet or database,compare them and then action a response if needed.

Even two or three domains can take an hour or two to manually record, taking an SEO executive starting at £22,000 year spending one hour every week checking these things will cost £42.32 a month.

Little Warden will check the same amount of domains every hour, with an auditable log and instant alerts for £24.99 a month.

Avoiding Public & Costly Disasters

Whilst It’s not a nice thing to think and it’s easy to think, “It won’t happen to us”, little things like a simple auto domain name renewal failure can lead to an expensive lesson both financially and publically

A company that works on the web has to deal with so many things, it’s easy for some of these smaller checks to get lost in the pipeline, that’s why we built Little Warden.

From £24.99, Little Warden checks domain name and SSL expiration renewals, redirects, on page changes and up to 30 other checks every single hour.

  • All Good - We believe that everything is great according to the industry best practice methods that we follow.

  • Warning - We believe that some of these things could do with looking into.

  • Danger - We believe there is a serious issue that needs looking into now.

If your configuration is slightly different to the best practice ‘for instance if you’ve just moved domains and want to ensure the homepage redirects’ then use our Custom Configuration with each check to override our defaults.

This stuff isn't sexy,
but it's serious

  • Domain name expiration
  • Robots.txt changes
  • Redirect breaking
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Tracking Tag
  • Content change
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