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What is a URL Patrol in this context?

Little Warden checks an individual URL once a day, You can put a root domain in, a subdomain or a full URL. We will check the exact URL you insert.

Does Little Warden check the whole domain?

No, Little Warden will only check the exact URL added, we currently restrict urls per domain to 5 to stop any potential problems but we can work with you if this is a problem.

What is a check per URL?

Little Warden has over 20 checks that we can do such as SSL Expiration, Redirect checking and indexability checks. You can enable / disable these on a per URL basis as different URLs require different monitoring.

What can I do with the API?

The API allows you to create / remove a URL and check the current status of a URL.

How does this compare to Pingdom or other website monitoring services?

Little Warden is NOT uptime monitoring, Little Warden checks once a day for 'tedious but important things' which generally unnoticed.

We currently have no plans to build uptime monitoring into Little Warden and would recommend you use an alternative service if that is what you require (or better yet, use both)

This stuff isn't sexy,
but it's serious

  • Domain name expiration
  • Robots.txt changes
  • Redirect breaking
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Tracking Tag
  • Content change
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