MX Record Change Detection

Mistakes and hacks don’t just happen to websites. So our MX Record monitoring will keep your emails safer.

How quickly would you or your clients notice that their emails weren’t working?

An MX (mail exchange) record is responsible for routing emails to the correct server, meaning that when you send us an email, we get it correctly and it doesn’t end up in someone else’s inbox by accident.

Why monitor an MX record?

We get it. An MX record is about emails, not websites, so why do we monitor it? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. How many emails do you get a day? Now, imagine that you didn’t get any of them.

This is what can happen if an MX record is broken.

If you remember that most online businesses will rely heavily on emails for multiple purposes, from product ordering to fulfilment to customer service, then you can see that an MX record changing unexpectedly can be very damaging.

Is changing an MX record always bad?

Not always. Changing MX records can be perfectly normal if you’re changing email provider or moving to a new email server. When this happens, the new records will go live straight away which will help to prevent losing any emails.

However, if an MX record changes without you knowing about it, then emails can almost certainly be lost and it could take some time before someone notices.

This is why we monitor MX records for you. We’ll tell you if we see it change so that you can alert your company straight away, just in case it wasn’t meant to happen!

This stuff isn't sexy,
but it's serious

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  • Robots.txt changes
  • Redirect breaking
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  • Content change
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