If someone accidentally moves a site without telling you, how quickly would you know?

With Little Warden as soon as we know, you'll get an alert and a morning email

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Make sure your website doesn’t move server without you knowing

The IP Address of your website is the location of where it’s hosted, it’s important to make sure this stays as static as possible and any changes to this are planned and acted upon accordingly.

Changing an IP Address to another geolocation, a shared IP with bad sites or a hosting company which is blocked in some countries can cause massive issues.

But sometimes the people with control of the Nameservers don’t understand this and make changes without letting you know, which is why it’s important to track the IP address so you can get a heads up before issues arise.

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We're totally in love with @littlewardenapp . It's been revolutionary to our normal due dil checks and ensures we keep our clients sites in tip top shape. Well done guys.

May 2, 2018

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