Even with just a few domains to manage, expiration dates can be missed and this can lead to unexpected downtime.

Little Warden check these every day and alerts you when the dates are coming up.

Are you sure you know when every domain name you manage is going to expire?

Managing lots of domains can get time-consuming. Especially if you have multiple websites running across a number of different hosting companies. How often do you run a full check and audit of every domain that might be expiring soon? Or ended up wasting money by auto-renewing a web address you no longer needed?

Even large companies make mistakes and forget their domain renewal. Microsoft, Foursquare, Ask and Marketo are just some examples. But that doesn’t help you when an angry client is asking why their website is offline. So save yourself from potential headaches and lost customers with a daily update on all your domain name expiration dates.

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Aleyda Solis


Little Warden is one of those tools that, once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever coped without it. Perfect for agencies handling many accounts.


Realising you can't live without that one tool, @littlewardenapp making everything simple and efficient, and constantly keeping us up to date with whats happening with our client's websites.

May 3, 2018