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If someone changed the robots.txt to deny all, how quickly would you notice?

Little Warden will monitor for a valid robots.txt file and prevent errors going unnoticed.
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A Robots.txt file is incredibly useful to manage whether a website is indexed by search engines and appears in their results. But it’s also easy to make a mistake. For example, with new website builds, it’s surprisingly common to forget to remove ‘Disallow: /’ from the development site which means it will never appear in search and your new launch will be a failure.

And it can be down to you and your team, your client, or an external developer or agency. Anyone with FTP access to the website can potentially make a change. With Little Warden, you can monitor the Robots.txt for every site, so that you know even if a change is made overnight, and you don’t lose visibility, rankings and traffic for content which needs to be found via search.

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